The Stone Sphere

There is a redemptive quality for an agitated mind in the spoken word, and a tormented soul finds peace in confessing.”     

    Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik

The Stone Sphere is a narrative nonfiction memoir published by L.R. Price Publications.

 The memoir combines deeply personal lived experience with scientific and theological material on incest, trauma, and patterns of intergenerational abuse passed on to each successive generation unaware. It draws from an array of scholarly fields and discourses, including work by Diana Russel, Peter Levine, Judith Herman, Dan Allender, Bessel Van Der Kolk, N.T. Wright, and Terryl Givens. Saveria takes the reader into the lived reality and life course of an incest survivor and hopes the book will facilitate further much-needed reform for victims, perpetrators, and civil and ecclesiastical leaders. Healing tools found in rituals and family history work will be illuminated and as Diane E. H. Russell, the foremost pioneer, and expert on sexual violence and abuse of women, stated, “Louise Armstrong has argued that it is not incest that is taboo - it’s talking (or writing) about incest.” 

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Zizzo courageously offers her reader a walk through her own life journey.  Here we discover from the inside a woman of tremendous strength, powerful will and an unflappable commitment to living in the light. In Zizzo’s choice for post-traumatic spiritual growth, there is testimony that profound suffering can open a limitless life of love.

  — LISA MILLER PhD., NY Times Bestseller Author

The Spiritual Child and The Awakened Brain 

Saveria courageously meets the staved realities of child sex abuse head-on while masterfully engaging with the complexities of forgiveness encompassed by a solid spiritual centering combatting betrayal trauma and moral injury.  Powerfully and unequivocally this book illustrates God’s love in the life of one sexually abused by a faith leader, her father.  

JENNIFER S. WORTHAM PhH., Founder World Day for the Prevention & Healing of Child Sex Abuse & Research Associate Human Flourishing Program Harvard University